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CBW 2280 52-99 50-180 0,10-0,25 1.000 120
CBW 2142 52-99 70-160 0,14-0,25 800 100
CBW 2042 52-99 70-160 0,14-0,25 600 80
CBW 530 45-189 50-320 0,12-0,30 500 100
  • Machine designed according to the newest mechanical, electrical and electronic technologies. Compact, stable, and small machine footprint are some of the design features. Wide use of commercial components.
  • High or very high welding speeds (depending on the model) that can be fully exploited even for can bodies with very small heights. This is possible because special drive movements are controlled electronically.
  • Blank magazine fed by an automatic loading system.
  • Automatic removal of any double sheets without stopping the machine.
  • All machine movements are independent and are carried out by brushless motors and controlled via PLC. Parameter storage of each size.
  • Adjustable calender for a perfect can body roundness.
  • Can body transport to the welding rollers with new feed concept in order to assure a perfect positioning.
  • Extremely reduced wire run that eliminates all causes of jams or breakage.
  • New generation pneumatic wire tensioner.
  • Newly designed motor-driven roller cage with ceramic ring for a perfect gauging of the can bodies.
  • Dedicated closed-circuit refrigerating system. Special welding arm with mercury-free rollers.
  • Static frequency converter developed with latest electronic innovations, distributes welding current with the following advantages: easy set-up which allows many types of welding forms including sinusoidal or square wave, low energy consumption in comparison to other systems, extreme reliability, and user friendly.
  • WMC 573 monitor measures, analysis, checks and visualizes each and every weld point on all cans produced.
  • The ejection system for faulty cans is installed on conveyors between welder and oven.


Quality control instruments and accessories available for the welder set up and production control.

The slitter, robot, side striping system and curing oven can be controlled from the welder control panel.

Robot for automatic blank transfer from slitter to welder.

On-line service.

Line supervision.

Tooling for prescoring.


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